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The PIP (Passive Income Pool) is a private club that have been online since September 2011. Our goal is to create long term income for the selected members we have. Since we only work with selected members it's not possible for everyone to join the PIP. Most of our members have been with us even before the PIP and know how we work.

Basically the PIP is based on profit sharing. We use the funds we have to create profit that will be distributed every week. Members simply buy shares and collect profit.

At the moment we have 2 profit pools in the PIP:


The main profit share pool is based on forex trading. We have been trading forex for over 7 years now. For $10 per share members can buy shares in the pool and receive a share of the profit every week according to the amount they have in the pool (the bigger the amount in the pool, the bigger the share of the profit). If there's no profit made no profit can be shared so it's possible some weeks there's no profit distribution but since shares in the pool don't expire it's only a matter of time to get in profit and beyond. We selected forex as our main activity as we have quite some experience trading so we have a lot of control over the profit we make.


Next to the forex pool we also have a binary options pool. This is an additional pool to earn more. To participate members are required to buy at least 1 share. Shares are $100.

This pool is not always open for new deposits or re-investments like the forex pool. There's a limited time to purchase shares when the pool is open (mostly about a week) and after that it's not possible anymore to make new deposits or re-invest till we enable new deposits again. The reason for this is because we need to be able to manage the amount we have in the pool because binary options don't work the same as forex where you can say every trade is automatically an x percentage of the money available in the account. With binary options you always have to enter the amount you want to trade with manually. Therefore it's better for us to work with only initial deposits so we can use the same percentage of the initial deposits for every trade. When we feel it's ok to open the pool for new deposits we recalculate the amount to trade with based on the total deposits we have then. With this system distribution of profit is much better too.

If you want to learn how binary options work or trade for yourself, check out this site: